Trademark registration office plays its vital role in India. Trademark office is the central place to resolve the doubts and to know elements on the registration of trademark. Trademark registration office in India is centrally governing by the registered trademark attorneys. Trademark office commonly involve with the basic procedure of Trademark selection, NICE classification, Application filing, Examination process, Examination report with the Objection, Opposition or otherwise, Journal publication is the central procedures following in the trademark registration office. Trademark registration office and its registration quiet important because it is one of the essential business assets and categorise with the division of Intellectual property Rights. Trademark registration can be an office or agency or consultants to complete the process. In United States of America, Trademark assistant centre is the place where all are get answers for their general question relating to the trademark registration procedure. Trademark registration office in India is the central place guides you to get all the information relating the registration and filing process. Registration of trademark is applicable in the categories of collective mark, certification of mark and series of trademark. All these procedures are keenly developing in the place of trademark registration in India. This trademark registration office is suitable one for the registration of individual, start up and small enterprises.

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Transparency in every step of trademark registration procedures.

Advantage of trademark registration:

Trademark registration office is the working hub produce the effective logo for your business. It is not only a trademark but an intellectual property of your business solely carrying your business’ brand name.

Central duty:

Trademark registration office offers the preliminary advice for the trademark registration.

Lack of deceptiveness:

To ensure that the registering trademark needs to be unique and clear one for the filing.

Public information:

Registration of trademark is storing for the purpose of the public information for reference.

Trademark system:

Trademark system is the automatic system swift the registration in well-known familiar way.

International trademark:

Madrid protocol is a treaty using in the trademark filing for the International trademark registration.

Trademark journal:

It is the essential record and statistical data produce as an annual report in the parliament.

Our main Features

Trademark registration office is the place where you find all solution relating to the trademark registration process. A successful trademark registration is following certain steps for the fast and effective way of trademark filing.

Direct checking:

Trademark registration portal is allowing for check the exact name or mark is available or not.

Trademark filing:

If the name or logo is available it is peculiarly in the MCA portal it determines with business class.

Final process:

Name and class are avail as per your business category certainly it register under the trademark acts.

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar card
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Copy of the trademark or Logo
Trademark registration assures it is the fixed mark for your business process. For the development of the business, the same name can be easily useable one.
Unique name, word, visual symbols, Device with the combination of numbers and smell also comes into the category of the trademark registration procedure.
Protection of the trademark is applicable only when it is registered legally. To avoid the infringement trademark registration is the most important process without any fail.
Business people, entities and individuals all are eligible to register their trademark. Global registrations are also applicable one without any restriction.
Similar mark, well known generic name, already registered names and its parts and deceptive names should be avoided. To register the trademark the fast way these are important one.
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